Latin alphabet Awayaway
ISOWAY asicbay Atinlay alphabetway

Away (amednay away, uralplay aesway[1]) isway ethay irstfay etterlay andway away owelvay inway ethay ISOWAY asicbay Atinlay alphabetway. Itway isway imilarsay otay ethay Ancientway Eekgray etterlay Alphaway, omfray ichwhay itway erivesday.

Originsway Edit

Ethay earliestway ertaincay ancestorway ofway "Away" isway alephway (alsoway alledcay 'alephway), ethay irstfay etterlay ofway ethay Oenicianphay alphabetway[2] (ichwhay, ybay onsistingcay entirelyway ofway onsonantcay, isway anway abjadway atherray anthay away uetray alphabetway). Inway urntay, ethay originway ofway alephway aymay avehay eenbay away ictogrampay ofway anway oxway eadhay inway Egyptianway ieroglyphhaysay.

Inway 1600 BAY.CAY., ethay Oenicianphay alphabetway'say etterlay adhay away inearlay ormfay atthay ervedsay asway ethay asebay orfay omesay aterlay ormsfay. Itsway amenay ustmay avehay orrespondedcay oselyclay otay ethay Ebrewhay orway Arabicway alephway.

Enwhay ethay ancientway Eeksgray adoptedway ethay alphabetway, eythay adhay onay useway orfay ethay ottalglay opstay—ethay irstfay onemephay ofway ethay Oenicianphay onunciationpray ofway ethay etterlay, andway ethay oundsay atthay ethay etterlay enotedday inway [[ Oenicianphay anguageslay|Oenicianphay]] andway otherway Emiticsay anguageslay—osay eythay usedway anway adaptationway ofway ethay ignsay otay epresentray ethay owelvay /a/, andway avegay itway ethay imilarsay amenay ofway alphaway. Inway ethay earliestway Eekgray inscriptionsway afterway ethay Eekgray Arkday Agesway, atingday otay ethay 8thay enturycay BCAY, ethay etterlay estsray uponway itsway idesay, utbay inway ethay Eekgray alphabetway ofway aterlay imestay itway enerallygay esemblesray ethay odernmay apitalcay etterlay, althoughway anymay ocallay arietiesvay ancay ebay istinguishedday ybay ethay orteningshay ofway oneway eglay, orway ybay ethay angleway atway ichwhay ethay osscray inelay isway etsay.

Ethay Etruscansway oughtbray ethay Eekgray alphabetway otay eirthay ivilizationcay inway ethay Italianway Eninsulapay andway eftlay ethay etterlay unchangedway. Ethay Omansray aterlay adoptedway ethay Etruscanway alphabetway otay itewray ethay Atinlay anguagelay, andway ethay esultingray etterlay asway eservedpray inway ethay Atinlay alphabetway usedway otay itewray anymay anguageslay, includingway [[ Englishway anguagelay|Englishway]].


Ethay etterlay ashay otway inusculemay (owerlay-asecay) ormsfay. Ethay ormfay usedway inway ostmay urrentcay andwritinghay onsistscay ofway away irclecay andway erticalvay okestray ("ɑ"), alledcay Atinlay alphaway orway "iptscray away". Isthay owlyslay evelopedday omfray ethay ifthfay-enturycay ormfay esemblingray ethay Eekgray etterlay autay inway ethay andshay ofway arkday-ageway Irishway andway Englishway iterswray.[2] Ostmay intedpray aterialmay usesway away ormfay onsistingcay ofway away allsmay ooplay ithway anway arcway overway itway ("a"). Othbay eriveday omfray ethay ajusculemay (apitalcay) ormfay. Inway Eekgray andwritinghay, itway asway ommoncay otay oinjay ethay eftlay eglay andway orizontalhay okestray intoway away inglesay ooplay, asway emonstratedday ybay ethay Uncialway ersionvay ownshay. Anymay ontsfay enthay ademay ethay ightray eglay erticalvay. Inway omesay ofway esethay, ethay erifsay atthay eganbay ethay ightray eglay okestray evelopedday intoway anway arcway, esultingray inway ethay intedpray ormfay, ilewhay inway othersway itway asway oppeddray, esultingray inway ethay odernmay andwrittenhay ormfay.


Main article: away (isambiguationday)

Ethay etterlay Away urrentlycay epresentsray ixsay ifferentday owelvay oundssay. Inway Englishway, "away" ybay itselfway equentlyfray enotesday ethay earnay-openway ontfray unroundedway owelvay (/æ/) asway inway adpay; ethay openway ackbay unroundedway owelvay (/ɑː/) asway inway atherfay, itsway originalway, Atinlay andway Eekgray, oundsay; away oserclay, urtherfay ontedfray oundsay asway inway "arehay", ichwhay evelopedday asway ethay oundsay ogressedpray omfray "atherfay" otay "aceway";[2] inway oncertcay ithway away aterlay orthographicway owelvay, ethay iphthongday /eɪ/ asway inway aceway andway ajormay, ueday otay effectsway ofway ethay eatgray owelvay iftshay; ethay oremay oundedray ormfay inway "aterway" orway itsway oselyclay elatedray ousincay, oundfay inway "asway".[2]

Inway ostmay otherway anguageslay atthay useway ethay Atinlay alphabetway, "away" enotesday anway openway ontfray unroundedway owelvay (/a/). Inway ethay Internationalway Oneticphay Alphabetway, ariantsvay ofway "away" enoteday ariousvay owelvaysay. Inway XAY-AMPASAY, apitalcay "Away" enotesday ethay openway ackbay unroundedway owelvay andway owercaselay "away" enotesday ethay openway ontfray unroundedway owelvay.

"Away" isway ethay irdthay ostmay ommonlycay usedway etterlay inway Englishway, andway ethay econdsay ostmay ommoncay inway Anishspay andway Enchfray. Inway oneway udystay, onway averageway, aboutway 3.68% ofway etterslay usedway inway Englishway endtay otay ebay ⟨away⟩, ilewhay ethay umbernay isway 6.22% inway Anishspay andway 3.95% inway Enchfray.[3]

"Away" isway oftenway usedway otay enoteday omethingsay orway omeonesay ofway away etterbay orway oremay estigiouspray alityquay orway atusstay: Away-, Away orway Away+, ethay estbay adegray atthay ancay ebay assignedway ybay eacherstay orfay udents'stay oolworkschay; Away adegray orfay eanclay estaurantsray; Away-Istlay elebritiescay, etcway. Uchsay associationsway ancay avehay away otivatingmay effectway asway exposureway otay ethay etterlay Away ashay eenbay oundfay otay improveway erformancepay, enwhay omparedcay ithway otherway etterslay.[4]

Elatedray etterslay andway otherway imilarsay aracterschayEdit

File:A-small glyphs.svg


  1. "Away" (ordway), Oxfordway Englishway Ictionaryday, 2nday editionway, 1989. Aesway isway ethay uralplay ofway ethay amenay ofway ethay etterlay. Ethay uralplay ofway ethay etterlay itselfway isway: Asway, A'sway, asway, orway a'sway.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 "Away", "Encyclopwayæiaday Itannicabray", Olumevay 1, 1962. pay.1.
  3. "Ercentagespay ofway Etterlay equenciesfray erpay Ousandthay ordsway", Initytray Ollegecay, Etrievedray 2006-05-01.
  4. Etterslay affectway examway esultsray. British Psychological Society. 9 March 2010. 

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