Ethay onunciationpray ofway Englishway ordsway inway Cyclopedianay isway ostmay oftenway ivengay inway ethay Internationalway Oneticphay Alphabetway (IPAWAY). Ethay oalgay isway atthay interpretationway ouldshay otnay ependday onway ethay eader'sray ialectday, andway ereforethay away oadbray anscriptiontray isway enerallygay usedway.

Orfay away oremay ompletecay eykay otay ethay IPAWAY, ichwhay overscay oundssay atthay oday otnay occurway inway Englishway, eesay Cyclopedianay:IPA.

Incesay isthay eykay accommodatesway andardstay Americanway, Itishbray, andway Australianway onunciationspray, otnay allway ofway ethay istinctionsday ownshay erehay illway ebay elevantray otay ouryay ialectday. Ifway, orfay exampleway, ouyay onouncepray otcay andway aughtcay ethay amesay, ouyay ancay ignoreway ethay ifferenceday etweenbay ethay ymbolssay /ɒ/ andway /ɔː/. Inway anymay ialectsday /ray/ occursway onlyway eforebay away owelvay; ifway ouyay eakspay uchsay away ialectday , implysay ignoreway /ray/ inway ethay onunciationpray uidesgay erewhay ouyay ouldway otnay onouncepray itway.

Onway ethay otherway andhay, isthay eykay oesday otnay encodeway ethay ifferenceday etweenbay ethay owelsvay ofway adbay andway adlay inway Australianway Englishway, ornay etweenbay osethay inway irfay, urfay, andway ernfay inway Ottishscay Englishway, asway osethay istinctionsday areway eldomsay ademay inway ethay ictionariesday usedway asway ourcessay orfay Ikipediaway articlesway.

Ethay IPAWAY essstray arkmay (ˈ) omescay eforebay ethay yllablesay atthay ashay ethay essstray, inway ontrastcay otay omesay otherway ethodsmay ofway escribingday onunciationpray usedway inway Englishway ictionariesday.

Orfay away oremay ecisepray useway ofway ethay IPAWAY otay illustrateway ifferencesday etweenbay Englishway ialectsday, otay anscribetray anguageslay otherway anthay Englishway, orway ifway ethay IPAWAY ymbolssay areway otnay isplayedday onway ouryay owserbray, eesay ethay inkslay inway ethay oxbay otay ethay ightray andway atway ethay ottombay ofway isthay agepay. Isthay alsoway applysway ofray Igpay Atinlay.

IPA Examples
b but, web
d do, odd
ð this, breathe, father
gin, joy, edge
f fool, enough, leaf, photo
ɡ go, get, beg
h ham, ahead
j yes, hallelujah
k cat, kill, skin, queen, thick
l left, bell
m man, ham
n no, tin
ŋ ringer, sing, sink
ŋɡ finger
θ thing, teeth
p pen, spin, tip
r run, very[1]
s see, city, pass, scissors
ʃ she, sure, emotion, leash, session
t two, sting, bet
chair, nature, teach
v voice, have
w we, queen
ʍ what[2]
z zoo, rose
ʒ pleasure, vision, beige[3]
Marginal consonants
x ugh, loch, Chanukah[4]
ʔ uh-oh /ˈʌʔoʊ/,
Hawaii /həˈwaɪʔiː/[5]
IPA Examples R-colored vowels[6]
æ bad, pat ær barrow, marry
ɑː balm, father, pa ɑr bar, mar
ɒ bod, pot, cot[7] ɒr moral, forage
ɔː bawd, paw, caught[8] ɔr born, for
beau, hoe, poke[9] ɔər boar, four, more
ʊ good, foot, put ʊər boor, moor
booed, food
ʌ bud, butt ʌr hurry, Murray
ɜr bird, myrrh, furry (or /ɝː/ [10])
ɛ bed, pet ɛr berry, merry
bay, hey, fate ɛər bear, mare, Mary
ɪ bid, pit[11] ɪr mirror
i happy, city, toffee[11]
ɪər beer, mere
bead, peat, feet[11]
Diphthongs Reduced vowels
аɪ buy, high, ride, write ə Rosa’s, above
bough, how, pout əl bottle
ɔɪ boy, hoy əm rhythm
juː beauty, hue, pew, dew[12] ən button
Syllabification ər runner, mercer (or /ɚ/ [10])
. moai /ˈmoʊ.аɪ/[13] ɨ or ɪ roses, business [14]
IPA Examples
ˈ intonation /ˌɪntəˈneɪʃən/[15]

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