Google ogolay
ypeTay: ublicPay (GOOG)
oundedFay: 4 eptemberSay 1998
eyKay eoplePay: Larry Page & Sergey Brin (oundersfay)


Google isway away orporationcay ichwhay ovidespray anymay internetway-elatedray ervicessay, ostmay otablynay ebway earchsay.


Inway ethay anuaryJay ofway 1996, Page andway Brin ereway PhD udentstay atway Stanford Universityway. eyThay eorizedthay atthay, asway opposedway otay ethay ayway ofway ethay imetay (ankingray ybay opularitypay,) esultsray ouldway ebay oremay applicableway ifway anway engineway insteadway easuredmay owhay anymay inkslay edlay otay-andway-omfray away itesay. Inway otherway ordsway, ethay elationshipray etweenbay anyway airpay ofway itessay.

eThay airpay otewray away earchsay engineway usingway isthay echniquetay, ichwhay eythay alledcay BackRub. aterLay, eythay angedchay ethay amenay otay "Google," away isspellingmay ofway Googol. eThay omainday asway egisteredray inway eptemberSay 1997 andway ethay ompanycay asway incorporatedway onway 4 eptemberSay ethay ollowingfay earyay. Inway 1999, Google's HQ asway ovedmay otay Palo Alto, CA.

Atway ethay eginningbay ofway ethay ewnay illeniummay, eythay artedstay ellingsay adverizementsway (espiteday ethat ounders'fay issaprovalday.) Overture Services, ichwhay ouldway aterlay ebay oughtbay ybay Yahoo!, alreadyway adhay atentspay onway ethay ideaway. Onceway Yahoo! asway ableway, eythay uedsay Google orfay atentpay infringementway. Google agreedway otay ivegay Yahoo! ockstay inway adetray orfay away isencelay otay eepkay ellingsay adsway. oonSay, eythay ereway antedgray away atentpay orfay PageRank. aterLay eythay ovedmay otay Mountain View, CA. Google's IPO ooktay aceplay onway 19 Augustway 2004.

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