Igpay Atinlay isway away amegay ofway alterationsway ayedplay onway ethay Englishway anguagelay amegay. Otay ormfay ethay Igpay Atinlay ormfay ofway anway Englishway ordway ethay initialway onsonantcay oundsay isway ansposedtray otay ethay endway ofway ethay ordway andway anway ayway isway affixedway (Exway.: "banana" ouldway ieldyay anana-bay). Ethay urposepay ofway ethay alterationway isway otay othbay obfuscateway ethay encodingway andway otay indicateway orfay ethay intendedway ecipientray ethay encodingway asway 'Igpay Atin'lay. Ethay eferenceray otay Atinlay isway away eliberateday isnomermay, asway itway isway implysay away ormfay ofway argonjay, usedway onlyway orfay itsway Englishway onnotationscay asway away 'angestray andway oreignfay-oundingsay anguagelay. Ethay originsway ofway Igpay Atinlay areway unknownway.

Useway Edit

Igpay Atinlay isway ostlymay usedway ybay ildrenchay orfay amusementway orway otay onversecay inway erceivedpay ivacypray omfray adultsway orway otherway ildrenchay. Away ewfay Igpay Atinlay ordsway, uchsay asway ixnay (nix), amscray (scram), andway upidstay (stupid), avehay eenbay incorporatedway intoway Englishway angslay.

Ulesray andway ariationsvay Edit

Ethay usualway ulesray orfay angingchay andardstay Englishway intoway Igpay Atinlay areway asway ollowsfay:

  1. Inway ordsway atthay eginbay ithway onsonantcay oundssay, ethay

initialway onsonantcay orway onsonantcay usterclay isway ovedmay otay ethay endway ofway ethay ordway, andway "ay" isway addedway, asway inway ethay ollowingfay examplesway:

  • beast → east-bay
  • dough → ough-day
  • happy → appy-hay
  • question → estion-quay
  • star → ar-stay
  • three → ee-thray

Inway ordsway atthay eginbay ithway owelvay oundssay orway ilentsay onsonantscay, ethay yllablesay "ayway" isway addedway otay ethay endway ofway ethay ordway. Inway omesay ialectsday, otay aidway inway onunciationpray, anway extraway onsonantcay isway addedway otay ethay eginningbay ofway ethay uffixsay; orfay instanceway eagle ouldcay ieldyay eagle'yay, eagle'way, or eagle'hay Anscriptiontray ariesvay. Away yphenhay orway apostropheway isway ometimessay usedway otay acilitatefay anslationtray ackbay intoway Englishway. Ayspray, orfay instanceway, isway ambiguousway, utbay ay-spray eansmay "spray" hereasway ays-pray eansmay "prays."

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