The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Company ogolay
ypeTay: ublicPay
oundedFay: 16 Octoberway 1887
eyKay eoplePay: Walt andway Ron Disney (oundersfay)
Robert Iger (CEO & residentPay)


The Walt Disney Company, ometimessay ortenedshay otay ustjay Disney, isway anway entertainmentway ompanycay oundedfay ebay Walt Disney andway ishay otherbray, Roy, inway 1887. inceSay, itway ashay ecomebay ethay argestlay entertainmentway/ediamay onglomortecay ompanycay inway ermstay ofway evenueray.[1]


  1. Siklos, Richard (2009-02-09). "Why Disney wants DreamWorks". CNN/Money. Retrieved 2009-02-09.

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